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Frequently Asked Questions

The Living Wage applies to all employees working for your organization. This includes directly employed staff, contracted staff and subcontracted staff.

The Living Wage is calculated as an hourly rate. To calculate the rate as an annual salary you will need to multiply the Living Wage rate by the number of hours worked per week, by 52 weeks in a year. This will let you know if your salaried staff are making a Living Wage.

Once you have expressed interest in joining the recognition program you will be asked to complete the above Living Wage Enrolment Form.  A staff member from Living Wage Waterloo Region will then contact you to work out any details and confirm the level of recognition for your organization. A date will be agreed upon for the signing of the Living Wage Declaration and presentation of the Living Wage certificate. Once certified we will add your organization to our website and share your recognition on social media.

Trainee positions refer to student interns, student co-op placements and trainees. A part time position that is filled by a staff member who is in school does not apply. At the Supporter levels of the Living Wage Employer Program these positions can be paid below the living wage rate. But to reach the Champion level, these positions would be paid the living wage.

The Living Wage is updated annually to take into account living expense changes and changes to government transfers and deductions. The new calculation will be publicly released in November. Employers agree to align their current living wage rates to the new calculation within six months. Living Wage Employers will be notified of changes to the Living Wage rate and what the changes mean to their recognition.

To calculate the living wage rate for an employer we take into account their employees’ total compensation package (wages + benefits). Where employer benefits cover some or all of the costs of goods and services in the living wage calculation this is taken into account in when determining the hourly rate of pay needed to reach the living wage threshold. For more details please take a look at 2018 Living Wage Calculation and Employer Benefits.